FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions about SiloPlay:

1. “My Stream is not loading / Player is not loading”:


Answer: Your ISP blocked streaming, you should use a VPN in order to access all content on this site. We recommend you not to stream content without a VPN!


2. "How can I remove pop ups and watch full screen?"


Answer: To remove pop ups, please upgrade your account by purchasing a package. More details: https://aesport.tv/packages


If you are already a VIP member and the pop ups still appear, please contact our customer service for support.


3. “How many minutes of trial do I have to know if AESport is working properly?”


Answer: You will have 2 minutes trial every day on one account, then a pop-up will appear.


4. “How many languages ​​can I have while experiencing at AESport?”


Answer: You can watch almost 4 main languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish. But for source reasons, not all.  However, we will do our best to have as many languages ​​available for your experience as possible.


5. "If I forget my password, what should I do?"


Answer:  At the login section, please choose “I forgot my password” then enter your email. After that, you will receive an email in which there is a link for you to reset your password.


6. “Is AESport safe ?”:


Answer: Yes simply do not download anything, we do not control the ads that are embedded inside the streaming player.


7. “I have no sound”:


Answer: On the very bottom (left or right side next to the volume) of any player you see a small unmute function. Sometimes you have to click tons of pop-ups (we do not control those ads) to see the unmute function.


8. “Channel is not working, only see a black screen”:


Answer: Sometimes some channels are offline, simply switch to another source below the video or contact our customer service for support so that we can fix as soon as possible.


9. “I can't find the event I am looking for”:


Answer: If you know the TV station, try to find the TV Channel where the event is broadcasted. As well, please note that events are added only 12-24 hours in advance.


10. "Can I use 1 account on 2 or more devices? "


Answer: No. You are only allowed to use 1 account on 1 device at a time.


11. "Can I log in using my Facebook/Gmail account?"


Answer: Yes. You can use your Facebook/Gmail account to log in.


12. "How can I make the payment?"


Answer: You can visit here: https://aesport.tv/packages. After that, choose your plan and pay using your visa card or Paypal account. 


13. “How can I cancel the auto-renewal of my subscription?”


To cancel automatic renewal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access your profile by following the link: https://aesport.tv/profile

Step 2: Select Transaction history

Step 3: Click "Turn off" in the AUTO-RENEW section to cancel automatic renewal.

14. “Can I continue watching when cancelling my subscription?”


Answer: When you cancel your subscription, you can continue streaming until the end of your current subscription period. 


15. “How can I refund my subscription?”


Answer: To refund, please send a request to email [email protected]. Please specify your login email at AESport and PayPal email. 


However, please read the refund policy carefully to know if your case is covered by the refund policy. Refund policy: https://aesport.tv/refund-policy


16. “Can I watch it on television?”


Answer: Currently it depends on each customer's TV, so we can't guarantee you can watch it completely on TV, so you can try the following:

Method 1: Access aesport.tv in a browser on TV and watch as usual.

Method 2: Use an app for Android phone and TV

Link app 1: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ae.aesporttv


Link app 2: https://download.aesport.tv/apk/AeSportTV1.0.4.apk

17. “What does AESPort broadcast?”


Answer: In addition to the hot matches of major tournaments such as Premier League, UCL, LaLiga, etc.  You can watch TV channels here: TV Channel 

There is also a privilege for VIP guests, you can order any TV channel and if possible we will add that channel for you!

18. “Where can I contact AESport?”


Answer: If you have any problem, please contact us via: [email protected].